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Swartzendruber Dale(319-256-6301)
Roth Bradley(319-256-2187)
Bachman Earl(319-256-7158)
Baker Scott(319-256-5146)
Widmer John(319-256-8961)
Freyenberger Jim(319-256-3671)
Swartzendruber Deanne(319-256-7122)
Swartzendruber Karen(319-256-7121)
Brown Luther E Jr(319-256-7290)
Nebel Keith(319-256-8731)
Graber W J(319-256-4733)
Crawford Danny(319-256-6191)
Crawford Michelle(319-256-6191)
Roth Donald G(319-256-7170)
Edwards Linda(319-256-6841)
Edwards Michael(319-256-6841)
Brooks Ellie(319-256-2277)
Brooks Jim(319-256-2277)
Boese Harold(319-256-7601)
Ullery Dean(319-256-4006)
Salon Studios(319-256-8100)
Roth Randy(319-256-8141)
Arbogast Tom(319-256-4044)
Pohren Tom(319-256-6750)
Darby Carrie(319-256-6308)
Darby Michael(319-256-6308)
Waco Community School District(319-658-2931)
Goldsmith Audrey(319-256-5756)
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