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Christeleit L(563-767-4025)
Weidemann Richard J(563-552-1231)
Ruh Joseph(563-552-1949)
Moore Mary(563-552-1510)
Moore Steve(563-552-1510)
Breitbach Television & Satellite(563-552-1011)
Datisman Sydney(563-552-1599)
Datisman Sydney Farm(563-552-1599)
Auction Center(563-552-1460)
Schemmel Jim(563-552-1740)
Davis R E(563-552-1350)
Ouderkirk Francis H(563-552-1210)
Ouderkirk H F(563-552-1210)
Klein Julie(563-552-1902)
Klein Randy(563-552-1902)
Nilles Brian(563-552-2302)
Nilles Jenny(563-552-2302)
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