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Andersen Everett L(515-379-1482)
State Bank Insurance Agency(515-646-3931)
Pete's Plumbing Heating & Air Condition(515-646-2781)
State Bank of Ledyard(515-646-2035)
Quilted Plum(515-646-2034)
Post Office(515-646-2744)
Ledyard Library & Community Bldg(515-646-3111)
Scheff William(515-646-3009)
Brandt Sherwin(515-646-2813)
Ternes Garage(515-646-2535)
Cowin & Associates(515-646-2151)
Cowin John(515-646-2151)
Hamilton Jodi(515-646-2601)
Gilbertson Bob(515-646-2375)
Gilbertson Sandy(515-646-2375)
Anderson Barbara(515-646-3101)
Knoner Keith(515-646-2455)
Warner Harold(515-646-2292)
Blome W D(515-646-3500)
Griggs Jerrie(515-646-2015)
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