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Church of Christ(712-769-2417)
Payne Cindy(712-825-3018)
Payne Larry(712-825-3018)
Rush Linda(712-825-5891)
Slump Merrill(712-825-3045)
Standard Oil Tank Wagon Service(712-825-5451)
Teas Joy(712-825-5293)
Town Hall(712-825-5152)
Wales United Presbyterian Ch(712-825-5011)
West Rodney(712-825-3055)
Gutha Peggy(712-825-3023)
Frink James(712-825-5331)
Story Mike(712-825-3080)
Story Paula(712-825-3080)
Bergantzel E V(712-825-3915)
Bergantzel Roger(712-825-5552)
Jones Randall(712-825-5191)
Williams Donald E(712-825-3088)
Thomas William(712-825-7011)
Carlson Mike(712-825-3011)
Carlson Molly(712-825-3011)
Jackson Jane(712-825-7215)
Jackson Steve(712-825-7215)
Adams Dwayne(712-825-3331)
Kelly Kevin(712-825-7517)
Weeks James H(712-624-8841)
Winslow Steve(712-624-9492)
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