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Emerson Farm Supply Co(712-624-8541)
Carlson John R(712-778-4437)
Radford Doug(712-778-2679)
Gwinn Buddy(712-778-4468)
Gwinn Patricia(712-778-4468)
Weaver Kelly(712-778-4515)
Harvey Cindy(712-778-2573)
Pelzer Leon(712-778-4641)
Terry Charles(712-778-4411)
Hansen James(712-778-4658)
St John's United Church of Christ(712-778-4485)
Smith Don(712-778-4204)
Smith Charles(712-778-4185)
Kneisel Doyle W(712-778-4692)
Reynolds Dennis Jr(712-778-4565)
Wilson Steven(712-763-4399)
Muller Christopher(712-763-4333)
Noble United Methodist Church(712-778-4441)
Wiser Jerald(712-778-4441)
Wiser Thelma(712-778-4441)
Bancroft Chris(712-778-2480)
Muller Iola(712-778-4544)
Quick Crystal(712-778-5104)
Willoughby Harley(712-778-4282)
Snider H M(712-778-2406)
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