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AA Or Al A Non Information(563-875-2951)
St Joseph's Catholic Church(563-552-2233)
Wilgenbusch Kevin(563-552-1213)
Schilling John E(563-552-1158)
Manderfield Mary(563-552-2263)
Manderfield Ron(563-552-2263)
Ross James(563-552-2425)
Ross June(563-552-2425)
Rickardsville Athletic Club(563-552-2600)
Schmitt Chuck(563-552-2514)
Cleary Stephen(563-552-1302)
Cleary Vicky(563-552-1302)
Pfeiler Lyal(563-552-2528)
Pfeiler Melita(563-552-2528)
Elsinger Cyril G(563-552-1676)
Bodish Paul(563-582-0979)
Southworth Ken(563-557-8844)
Southworth Laura(563-557-8844)
Kiernan William(563-556-3319)
Orr Joel(563-585-2178)
Lehmann Edward(563-582-2081)
Lehmann Pat(563-582-2081)
Thor Vincent(563-557-1135)
Capps Bob(563-557-0672)
Capps Ruth(563-557-0672)
Hall Robert J(563-588-0692)
Smithson Dave(563-557-0750)
Smithson Marlene(563-557-0750)
Hall Dorothy(563-588-2921)
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