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Noble Greg Law Office(515-986-5250)
Webb Cindy(641-487-7745)
Golly Marvin(641-487-7533)
Edel Earl(641-487-7623)
Chitty Galen(641-487-7593)
Liston Nathan(641-487-7895)
Buffington Betty(641-487-7556)
Brandt Bernice(641-487-7453)
Bray Phyllis(641-487-7609)
Colonial Manor of Zearing(641-487-7631)
Dunn Kathryn(641-487-7863)
Gildersleeve Arlene(641-487-7284)
Gillispie Eithel(641-487-7345)
Herbrechtsmeier Adolph(641-487-7259)
Herndon Carolyn(641-487-7603)
Herndon Cy(641-487-7603)
Hitchings Alice(641-487-7816)
Morris Charlotte(641-487-7657)
Norman Loren(641-487-7844)
Norman Marge(641-487-7844)
Shattuck Dick(641-487-7812)
Anderson Joel(641-487-7896)
Clausen Tim(641-487-3409)
Koons Jerry(641-487-7231)
Dakins Delos(641-487-7478)
Dakins Lucille(641-487-7478)
Walters Harold(641-487-7517)
Pepper Brad(641-487-7619)
Miller Doyle(641-487-7309)
Miller Vicki(641-487-7309)
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