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Huff Linda(641-672-9145)
Albia Health and Fitness(641-932-3088)
Anderson Mary-Anne Coop(641-932-5612)
Carlton W Mark Field Spec(641-932-5612)
Delaney Sue Ellen(641-932-5612)
Extension Isu Monroe County(641-932-5612)
Lietzau-Mourer Shelley A(641-932-5612)
Monroe County Offices(641-932-5612)
Smith Patricia Gail(641-932-5612)
Walker Marilyn A(641-932-5612)
Wasson Elaine S(641-932-5612)
Farm Bureau Insurance(641-932-7873)
Monroe Co Farm Bureau(641-932-7873)
Hopkins Mark(641-932-7155)
Nolan Air Conditioning & Heating(641-932-2240)
Trophy Glove Co(641-932-2183)
Zanoni A(641-932-7544)
Graham Abstract Company(641-932-7156)
First Christian Church(641-932-5136)
Brees Rest Home(641-932-5517)
Tangie Kevin(641-932-5246)
Tangie Tonya(641-932-5246)
Bates James J Dds(641-932-5103)
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